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Lawn and Pest Control In Arizona

Specialty Pest Management Services In San Tan Valley, AZ

Learn more about the residential and commercial pest control services Ozone Pest Control offers home and business owners in the San Tan Valley area. This reference page highlights the pest control solutions we offer to help maintain Arizona homes and/or businesses. Use this overview to learn more about Ozone Pest Control's effective solutions to solving problems with weeds, insects, and birds.

Bed Bug Treatments In San Tan Valley, AZ & Beyond

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Bed bugs are prolific pests that hitchhike from place to place on people’s clothing and belongings. These apple seed-shaped pests live in every state in our country and move into our homes without invitation or notice. Once inside, they breed quickly and soon not only take over our bedrooms but other areas of our homes as well. The best solution to a bed bug problem is a professional solution. At Ozone Pest Control, we provide the services needed to get rid of bed bugs in homes or businesses at every stage of life: adults, nymphs, and eggs. Complete eradication needs to occur in order to prevent a reinfestation.

Protect your home and family from biting bed bugs with the help of the professionals at Ozone Pest Control. We offer bed bug treatments that eliminate all stages of bed bugs and allow families to sleep soundly at night. Our bed bug control services include free bed bug inspections, and we use heat treatments. Our bed bug heat treatment process offers a pre-treatment prep sheet, treatment, single-room treatments, and canine inspections upon request.

No one wants to discover bed bugs in their home or business, but know that if bed bugs ever do find their way inside, Ozone Pest Control can help. We will provide the services needed to completely get rid of bed bugs with the help of our trained, experienced, and dedicated professionals. To learn more about our bed bug control services, give Ozone Pest Control a call today for your home or business pest control needs.

Mosquito Control In Arizona

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Living, breeding, and feeding outside, mosquitoes can find their way onto any property, where they become a considerable nuisance and threat. Female mosquitoes bite and feed on the blood of people and animals. Their feeding habits allow them to carry and transmit a wide variety of diseases and parasites that cause significant health problems in people and our pets. The best way to reduce mosquito numbers on your property, and enjoy your outdoor space to its fullest, is to partner with Ozone Pest Control.

Mosquitoes thrive in hot weather and areas of standing water. To combat mosquito populations, we offer effective mosquito control fogging treatments. Our professionals use gas-powered backpacks to treat yards – spraying under and near trees, shrubs, and other foliage. Depending on the situation, areas of standing water may also receive treatment. This service may be completed as a recurring monthly service or as a one-time service. In addition to our professional mosquito control services, you can help to reduce mosquito populations by eliminating as much standing water from your property as possible.

If you are tired of dealing with mosquitoes, we are ready to help! For superior mosquito protection for your San Tan Valley area home or business, partner with the trained professionals at Ozone Pest Control. To get started protecting your family, friends, employees, or customers from biting mosquitoes, contact Ozone Pest Control today.

Termite Control In Arizona

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In Arizona and throughout the United States, the subterranean termite is the most common species of termite to invade homes and businesses. Each year, across the country, these wood-eating insects are responsible for causing over five billion dollars in damages. Here in the San Tan Valley, termites thrive in our hot climate, working and feeding on wooden structures year-round. To protect your Arizona home or business from wood-eating termites, it is best to partner with experienced, local pest control experts. If you live in the San Tan Valley area, reach out to us at Ozone Pest Control, and we’ll work together to protect your property from termites.

At Ozone Pest Control, we protect both residential and commercial properties from destructive termites through our effective termite control services. We offer a wide variety of treatment options, including free inspections, free proposals, and pre-construction treatments. We treat and eliminate termites using Termidor®, and we utilize Termatrac to see inside of walls and pinpoint where termites are entering.

We are certified to treat properties with Termidor®: America’s number one termite defense product. This liquid termiticide/insecticide is odor-free and undetectable. Termites ingest the product and bring it back to their colony without hesitation. Our professionals apply Liquid Termidor® along the foundation walls or exterior perimeter of your home. Our termite control service is warrantied and gives you peace of mind knowing that current termite problems will be eliminated and protection against future infestations provided.

Scorpion Control In Arizona

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Are scorpions becoming a problem around your Arizona home? Here at Ozone Pest Control, we can have our expert technicians eliminate any scorpions and keep them from getting back inside. Our comprehensive scorpion control and sealing service has everything you need to protect your property fast.

Our scorpion control process begins with a full inspection of the interior and exterior of the property. During this inspection, our trained technicians go through an extensive checklist and check all potential habitats throughout the yard.

We also consider this an opportunity to provide you with a full scorpion consultation. We can easily answer any questions you may have while eliminating concerns before treatment or exclusion. Once your inspection is complete, our technicians provide a copy of the inspection report and treatment checklist at your convenience.

It's at this stage we get to work sealing the interior and exterior of the home. This includes:

  • Installing weatherstripping with clear silicone around the exterior of the home
  • Applying specialized white silicone inside the home for a polished finish
  • Screen bathroom vents to prevent scorpions from getting inside
  • Patching holes in the attic with steel wool and expandable foam for maximum protection

After we've sealed your home's interior and exterior, we then get to work applying scorpion control treatments. Our first step is to apply a fast-acting dust treatment around cracks and crevices found throughout the attic. Depending on the situation, we may also dust potential entrance thresholds that scorpions could use to get in and out of your home, reducing unwanted scorpion activity around these areas. We'll then apply a scorpion spray around the cracks and crevices of your home, as well as to areas around your property where scorpions are most likely to become active.

Unlike your typical scorpion control service, treatments from Ozone Pest Control kill the scorpions themselves — and not just their food sources. Our service is designed to eliminate the scorpions already present in your home or yard, then seal your home against any potential scorpion invaders in the future.

Don’t leave your home vulnerable to scorpions and risk a dangerous sting. Instead, contact the Arizona scorpion control experts at Ozone Pest Control today and keep your home scorpion-free!

Weed Control Services In Arizona

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Arizona is known for its hot, dry, desert climate. When living in Arizona, you won’t have a yard filled with lush green grass; instead, surrounding our homes and businesses are desert-scapes. Comprised of rocks and plants that grow well in dry, hot conditions, these unique landscapes are a beautiful sight.

In order to keep desert-scapes looking their best, they must be maintained and free of weeds. At Ozone Pest Control, our professionals provide the best form of weed control services needed to keep outdoor spaces in the San Tan Valley area healthy, weed-free, and looking their best.

Our professionals understand the life cycle of weeds and know which herbicides work best. Our weed control services include the use of both pre-emergent and post-emergent sprays. Pre-emergent treatment is when a spray is applied to the ground to prevent weed growth. Our post-emergent treatment is also a ground spray. It works to kill weeds within days and lasts up to six months. Our weed treatment is available for both residential and commercial properties, helping any desert-scape to look its best! With our help, your outdoor space will be well-cared for, without you having to take time out of your busy schedule.

Keeping your Arizona desert-scape looking its best and free of weeds is a job best left to the professionals at Ozone Pest Control. To learn more about our weed control service, reach out, and speak with one of our helpful professionals today.

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