All The Ways You Attract Mosquitoes In San Tan Valley, AZ

Unfortunately, having to combat pests is a fact of life. Every moment, an insect or creature is trying to make its way inside of your San Tan Valley home or business. Whether you see them or not, they are at work. This is why continual remediation is needed. The majority of critters are ruinous and won’t waste any time wrecking your property. Further, they can be medically harmful. Many species can injure you with a bite, sting, or scratch. You could become ill after being exposed to germs or disease.

Health experts have called mosquitoes the most dangerous on earth because they transmit diseases. Given that they bite humans and animals to withdraw their blood, it’s a definite possibility. What’s even more alarming is that you can pull these insects to you without realizing it. Find out more and how you can defeat mosquitoes with assistance from Ozone Pest Control.

Bodily Fluids and Chemistry

The egg production of mosquitoes is facilitated in part by blood. Thus, the female bugs will be the ones nibbling on your skin. Experiments show that pregnant women and people who have Type O fluid are primary marks. If you’re wondering how the insects pick up on these qualities, it’s through hormones and bodily liquids, such as perspiration. Sweat has acids and ammonia in it that mosquitoes love. Moreover, warmth and increases in your physical temperature drive them.

Clothing Color and Alcoholic Beverages

This may take you by surprise, but what you wear matters when it comes to warding off mosquitoes. It’s harder for them to see and identify you if you have bright colors on. Pass on fabrics with darker shades, such as black and blue. When you’re ordering or having a drink, stay away from alcoholic items. The content and aroma are alluring to mosquitoes, and both will escape from your pores.

Outdoor Environments

Many people enjoy fishing, rafting, and other activities involving water. The caveat is that they may be putting themselves in a mosquito’s view. These critters depend on the fluid to breed and survive. Loads of them will be by rivers, lakes, and other standing pools. Areas with a bounty of greenery are also hotspots. Keep this in mind, along with the fact that mosquitoes are active at sunset.

Prevention Tips and More Mosquito Facts

A pair of wings, fine legs, and distinctive noses outline the dainty figures of mosquitoes. They are generally 0.12 to 0.35 of an inch long. Leaving your windows and doors open will allow them to enter your home or business, as well as neglecting foundation gaps. Be on alert when going in basements, closets, laundry rooms, and similar. They prefer to be in dark, quiet places that have a bit of moisture. Among the significant issues that arise from their bites are:

  • Zika virus
  • West Nile Virus
  • Encephalitis
  • Severe skin irritation
  • Skin inflammation or swelling

Take these steps to discourage mosquitoes:

  • Burn candles that include essential oils, such as rosemary or lavender.
  • Before going out to the lawn, utilize repellent products.
  • Put out mosquito traps, but wash them regularly.
  • Drain swimming areas and dry pet drinking bowls when they’re not being used.
  • Cut the grass and trim greenery often.
  • Distance plants and flowers from the property by two feet.
  • Flush debris and dirt from gutters and vents, and get it off the lawn.

How Will Ozone Pest Control Handle Mosquitoes?

We at Ozone Pest Control have specialized solutions for mosquitoes you can’t get off a retail shelf. Our highly trained technicians will employ fogging, gas backpack spray, and standing water treatments to eliminate populations. All of our avenues are safe. Recurring visits or one-time stops are available. Call us today to get started!


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