Are Bed Bugs In Chandler Dangerous?

Bed Bugs Arizona

From hotels to the home to the office, bed bugs are parasites that hitchhike from location to location, unbeknownst to their hosts. A common misconception about these persistent pests is that they prefer homes that are dirty. Bed bugs are not a sign that your home is messy, as bed bugs only prefer warm bodies and plenty of places to hide.

Bed bugs are commonly confused with similar-looking bugs like ticks. To identify them properly, look out for these signs:

  • Mahogany to rust-brown colored before feeding, red-brown after feeding
  • Flat, broad, and oval-shaped
  • Can grow to ¼ of an inch long

While it can be hard to spot a bed bug itself, many people notice infestations as a result of other signs such as red smears on upholstered fabrics, marker-like stains from feces, shed exoskeletons, or the red, itchy bites they leave behind.

Problems Caused By Bed Bugs

Bed bugs prefer to be close to their sleeping hosts and will often hide inside mattresses or couches, but they can also hide in electrical outlets, curtains, in the corners of door frames, where the wall meets the ceiling, or in any crack or crevice in your home. Females lay up to five eggs a day and a small population can quickly grow out of control.

While bed bugs are not known to carry diseases, they do pose other health risks. They can cause insomnia and secondary skin infections from scratching the bites. Large enough infestations can even cause anemia. More than anything, bed bugs cause emotional distress and upheaval from day-to-day life.

Bed Bugs Are Hard To Prevent & Control On Your Own

These insects are small and excellent hiders. They also can withstand long periods of time without food and relatively extreme temperatures. Sometimes, it is completely out of your control how they enter and take over your home.

Bed bugs can infiltrate your home by:

  • Crawling from another apartment unit
  • Clinging to your purse, briefcase, or clothing from the office
  • Climbing into your suitcase or hitchhiking on your clothes from the hotel or airport
  • Stowing away inside second-hand furniture and appliances
  • Being brought in on the belongings of guests in your home

While there are ways to check for uninvited bed bugs, they are easy to miss, hard to catch, and can spread across your home, making do-it-yourself extermination hard, if not impossible. No one wants to resort to leaving mattresses and couches by the dumpster, and plastic-wrapped children’s toys are just heartbreaking.

Don’t make it harder on yourself. The best way to deal with an infestation is by calling a pest control professional to thoroughly and permanently rid your home of bed bugs.

Call Ozone Pest Control At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can instantly decrease your quality of life by affecting your sleep, increasing stress levels, and causing bodily harm. Don’t wait to get on top of the problem. Save yourself and your family members the stress by calling Ozone Pest Control today.

We use heat treatment to kill the infestation at its source to keep you and your household safe. We’ll even inspect your pets for bed bugs on request. Our professionals know exactly where to look to terminate the infestation at the source. As members of this community since 1997, our priority is your safety and peace of mind. Call Ozone Pest Control for pest control in Chandler. We offer both home pest control as well as commercial pest management solutions.

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