How Important Is Pest Control For Health Care Facilities In Chandler

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Pests are a major problem for hospitals. They negatively impact sterile environments, carrying and spreading germs wherever they go. Many pests also cause severe structural damage, resulting in the need for extensive repairs and renovations. Read on to learn more about the pests that wreak havoc in healthcare facilities and how quality commercial pest control services can keep your employees and patients safe.

Pest Concerns In Healthcare

Pests access hospitals and doctor’s offices in the same manner they infest other types of businesses and homes. Because so many people are coming and going in healthcare buildings, pests can sometimes hitch a ride on a person visiting the facility. Patients with bed bugs, for example, may get transferred onto the bed and linens. If left unchecked, these rapidly-reproducing insects could easily spread throughout the entire facility in a short period of time.

Any clogged or leaky pipes invite moisture or standing water, which attracts many pests. To avoid a rodent or insect infestation, hospitals should adhere to the same food safety standards as restaurants. If these pests get into food sources, they could contaminate them, causing severe illnesses in employees and patients. When accepting deliveries, especially in loading dock areas, it’s important to thoroughly inspect shipments for any unwanted pest visitors.

What Types Of Pests Should Hospitals Worry About?

Just like in homes and other businesses, there are several pests that invade hospitals and healthcare facilities. Here is a list of some of the insects and creatures that infest these spaces:

Bed Bugs: These bugs are expert travelers and are known for hitching rides on humans. They can access hospitals through clothing, handbags, and even on shoes. Once a full-blown infestation occurs, bed bugs are extremely hard to eradicate without professional extermination services.

Cockroaches: These filthy bugs live in garbage and in sewers, where they pick up harmful bacteria and pathogens. They access facilities through drain pipes and can come in from outside if there are cracks in exterior walls. Cockroaches commonly infest food storage areas, where they can easily contaminate anything they come into contact with.

Flies: Flies also live in filth and are known carriers of over 100 different types of diseases. They also tend to infest areas where food is present. Flies contaminate food and surfaces by leaving behind saliva wherever they land.

Rodents: In addition to spreading infectious diseases, rats and mice cause severe structural damage to commercial buildings. They chew through wooden framing and electrical wiring, which is a major fire hazard.

Ants: There are several species of ants that cause everything from structural damage to food contamination. Carpenter ants chew through wood and build colonies within walls. Odorous house ants and pavement ants carry and spread diseases and are a contamination risk.

At the first signs of pests in your facility, contact a trusted source of commercial pest control in Chandler, like Ozone Pest Control.

Is Professional Pest Control In Chandler Beneficial For Hospitals?

The best way to keep filthy bugs and rodents out of your hospital or healthcare facility is to invest in commercial pest control services. An initial visit will involve an extensive inspection of the property. Once the exterminator identifies a pest problem, they will work to come up with a custom treatment solution while being extremely sensitive to patient health and regulatory standards. After administering treatment, you should schedule follow-up pest control services to ensure pests stay away from your facility for good.

How To Keep Pests Out Of Medical Centers For Good

If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art exterminator with experience in healthcare environments, look no further than Ozone Pest Control. We have been a top provider of commercial pest control services since 1997. Give us a call today to discuss your needs with our team.

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