How To Tell If Your San Tan Valley Property Has A Termite Problem

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Pests like ants and wasps aren’t hard to miss when they decide to infest your property. However, not all pests are quite so bold. When termites move in on your turf, they can cause thousands of dollars of damage chewing up valuable structural wood without you even noticing. So, if you want to spare your property and your bank account from needless harm, here’s how to tell if your San Tan Valley property has a termite problem.

About Termites

Termites survive by consuming cellulose-rich materials, namely, plants and trees. In the wild, they help break down wood and vegetation into nutritious soil, paving the way for healthy new plant life to grow. They are renowned as some of the best recyclers in the world, expediting the process of decay. But as helpful as these bugs are in nature, they are harmful around the home.

Termites can cause a variety of problems for properties. Minor damage can occur in the form of bubbling wallpaper or the appearance of maze patterns in floorboards. However, more serious concerns can develop in jammed doors and windows and direct damage to structural wood. Some 600,000 American homeowners pay for termite repairs every year with the average cost being around $3,000. But knowing the signs of termites can save you from dishing out thousands of dollars to repair your property.

What Makes Termites Hard To Spot?

Termite infestations often go unnoticed because termites live and work where you can’t see — inside the walls and floors of your property. While they do exhibit signs of activity, they are relatively quiet and patient pests, taking their time to slowly eat away at your home or business.

Scheduling annual professional inspections really is the best way to ensure that you aren’t left spending your hard-earned money on costly repairs. You may not think you need yearly termite inspections, but remember that if ignored, termite infestations can cause floors and walls to completely collapse.

Signs Of Termites To Look Out For

The most important thing about termite problems is recognizing signs of termite activity before significant damage has been done. Here are some crucial signs to look out for:

  • Wood damage: Physical damage to structural wood and wooden objects is a key sign of termite activity. Be on the lookout for maze-like patterns in wood, hollow-sounding wood, and jammed doors and windows.
  • Frass: As termites excavate elaborate galleries to tunnel through your structural wood, they can expel waste in the form of powdery “frass.” Termite frass resembles sawdust and often accumulates in small piles.
  • Termite tubes: Have you noticed strange muddy tubes running from the ground to the foundation of your property? These “termite tubes” are a sign of a subterranean termite colony connecting itself to your home or business.
  • Flying termites: If you see winged, flying termites around your property, it’s a really bad sign. Winged reproductive termites, or termite swarmers, are an indication that there is a large, well-developed termite colony nearby. And that means that a termite infestation may have existed on your property for a significant amount of time without your knowledge.

If you spot signs of termites on your San Tan Valley property, don’t waste time and money trying to solve the problem yourself. Get in touch with the pros at Ozone Pest Control. We offer free inspections and free proposals for termite infestations. Our expert technicians will treat termite problems in your home with industry-leading Termidor® treatment to eliminate troublesome termites at the source. For the answer to termites and any other pest problems you have, contact Ozone Pest Control today.

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