Scorpion Extermination 101: Eradicating Scorpions Around Your Queen Creek Home

Finding a scorpion in your home can cause a lot of anxiety. Their stingers are intimidating and dangerous. Getting rid of scorpions requires pest control in Queen Creek that will effectively remove the pests and keep them from coming back. With Ozone Pest Control, you can trust that we will do the job safely and effectively.

Understanding Scorpion Behavior And Habitats

Scorpions are arachnids, like spiders, which means they have eight legs. Their large pincers and the stingers at the end of their tails quickly identify them. Scorpions can vary in size, but most are between 2 to 4 inches long. They’re typically yellow, tan, or light brown, which allows them to blend into their surroundings.

Scorpions are nocturnal. They prefer to live in warm, dry habitats. If you see one, it’ll probably be hanging on a wall or the ceiling. During the day, scorpions are underneath rocks, logs, and other items. Be sure to shake out shoes and gloves before putting them on because scorpions often use them as hiding places. Scorpions will sting in self-defense and probably take you stepping on them as a threat.

Health Risks Of Scorpion Infestations

Some types of scorpions are more dangerous than others. Scorpions use their venom to catch prey and protect themselves, but that venom isn’t always going to harm humans in the same way it would hurt an insect. In most cases, a scorpion sting will cause similar symptoms to a bee or wasp sting. You might experience some localized pain and swelling, which will go away on its own.

The Arizona bark scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in Queen Creek and is the only one of medical concern. These scorpions are tan or brown and have two stripes on their abdomens. Their sting is known to cause severe pain and numbness, and tingling in the affected area.

Some people are allergic to scorpion venom; this can lead to serious symptoms, including difficulty breathing. If you’ve been stung by a scorpion and you think you might be having an allergic reaction, seek medical attention immediately. Children, older people, and other vulnerable groups should also see a doctor after being stung by any scorpion.

Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Scorpions

Because scorpions can be dangerous, you must take steps to prevent them from entering your home. Although you won’t always be able to keep scorpions away from your yard, these prevention tips can help you make your home less attractive to scorpions:

  • Clear your yard of debris.
  • Store firewood several feet away from your home.
  • Seal any cracks or holes in the walls of your house.
  • Make sure doors and windows fit properly and seal completely.

Yard debris attracts scorpions because it provides a hiding place during the day. Stones, logs, and other debris—such as piles of leaves or plant trimmings—all give scorpions a nice resting spot. Keeping your yard clear of these things makes it a less comfortable place for scorpions to live.

Wood piles are also common scorpion hiding spots. Stacks of firewood and lumber should be stored several feet away from your house and on an elevated structure. Always be sure to look before reaching into a woodpile so you don’t accidentally grab a scorpion.

Scorpions can easily enter your home through cracks in the walls, torn window screens, and gaps underneath doors. It’s important that you make any necessary repairs so you can keep these pests out of your home.

Sometimes, scorpion management can be difficult. Your best option may be to contact a professional pest control company for help. That way, you can protect your Queen Creek home from scorpions without risking your health and safety.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Scorpions And Keep Them Away

With Ozone Pest Control, you never have to worry about dangerous pests like scorpions. We provide high-quality, effective scorpion control services in Queen Creek to protect your home and family from scorpions and their stings. Our process begins with a thorough inspection of your home, looking for scorpion harborage sites. Then, we create a treatment plan, including scorpion removal and exclusion work. All you need to do is call Ozone Pest Control for help with scorpions and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Queen Creek.

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