Spring Time Is A Great Time To Protect Your San Tan Valley Home From Pests

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At long last, spring has sprung! The change in seasons may not be as noticeable in a place like San Tan Valley, Arizona, but for all of the pests around you, it’s still quite the wake-up call. From mosquitoes to pigeons, scorpions to termites, pests are bound to be a bigger problem than ever when this most renewing of seasons spring into action. Whatever services you require, Ozone Pest Control has your back.

Make Your San Tan Valley Home Unattractive To Pests With These Tips

Don’t want pests to take over during the season of spring fever? Make your San Tan Valley property unattractive to pests in the first place with these simple strategies:

  • Store food properly. Nothing is more attractive to a pest, regardless of the species than the food that humans have available in our kitchens and pantries. It is essential to your pest preventing process that any opened food bags be placed inside proper airtight food containers.
  • Stay on top of the trash. The food you throw in the trash is just as appealing to pests, if not more, than all that is tucked away neatly in your cupboards. Never leave the trash to pile up. Clean trash cans regularly, and make sure to use receptacles with tight-fitting lids.
  • Clean up. Employing a regular cleaning routine will help keep your home nice, clean, and boring to potential intruders. Make sure not to forget hidden areas, like the backs of closets and underneath heavy appliances.
  • Keep your yard neat. Is your lawn long and unkempt? Do you have debris strewn about your yard? Untrimmed landscaping and yard debris can provide cover and nesting spots for a variety of pests.

Simple Steps For Keeping Pests Out Of Your Sun Tan Valley Home

Now that you’ve made your home uninteresting to pests, you’re ready to improve your pest defenses with Ozone Pest Control’s top tips for general pest protection. Our pest specialists recommend the following preventive measures to keep pests out of your home:

  • Fix moisture issues. Water is necessary to sustain life, whether human, pet, or pest. Any leaky faucet can draw in thirsty critters, but also check your pipes for leaks and make sure to keep drains clear.
  • Install door sweeps. Doors generally have an inch of free space at the bottom to avoid scraping against the ground. Good for your floors, but even better for invading pests! Install door sweeps to put an end to the free entryways.
  • Seal up cracks and openings. Every open space, from the chimney to slits in your vent guards, is a potential point of entry for pests. Mesh screens and caulking can provide additional layers of protection.

No matter what kind of pest is trying to get into your San Tan Valley home, you don’t need to feel overwhelmed. For continued support and assistance, you can rely on, reach out to our team of pest specialists at Ozone Pest Control.

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