Weed Control In Queen Creek: How To Keep Your Lawn And Garden Healthy

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Weeds are not good to have in your yard. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also rob your plants of nutrients and provide a place for insects to take cover. If you are seeing a lot of weeds in your yard, our professionals at Ozone Pest Control can help you take back control of your lawn. Not only are we Arizona’s premier pest control company, but we also provide lawn care in Queen Creek as well. Here is a look at some of the best things you can do to keep your lawn and garden looking healthy.

Types Of Weeds That Commonly Invade Queen Creek Lawns

Several types of weeds are found in this area. Some of the most common types of weeds that you are likely to find in your yard include:

  • Pigweed: This weed is usually tall and has a bushy appearance. Its small, oval-shaped leaves are usually light green, making the plant look full and easily noticeable.
  • Knotweed: This is an invasive species of weed. This tall plant can grow from four to 13 feet tall. It has thick branches that resemble bamboo, green leaves, and white and pink flowers.
  • Sprangletop: This weed grows in medium-sized clumps and can measure around three feet tall. The plant consists of rough, green leaves and flat or round stems.
  • Russian Thistle: This weed is also commonly referred to as tumbleweed. It is a bushy weed with thin and long branches that measure between eight and 36 inches long and are covered in green, spiny leaves.

Not all homeowners dislike all weeds. There are some weeds, like clover, that some people like having a round because they feel it enhances the appearance of their yard. However, this type of weed will attract bees to your yard, which may be a problem if you have children or pets that frequently run around on your lawn.

Weeds Steal The Nutrients From Your Lawn

Having an abundance of weeds on your property can be bad news for the grass and other plants in your yard. Many weeds have long, invasive roots that can stretch wide and will steal nutrients and water from nearby plants. Many species of weeds can grow tall and have long, flared leaves that can tower over your other plants and steal the sunlight from these plants as well.

Also, there are many weeds in this area that are considered to be noxious weeds. This means that the government has declared them unsafe or destructive plants. Some of the noxious weeds have the potential to clog drains, poison humans and animals, create erosion, and even become a fire hazard. This is why weed control in Arizona is vital.

Pulling Weeds By Hands Can Be Stressful And Time-Consuming

It could take hours if you bent down and picked every weed out of the ground. It could also put unnecessary strain on your back, joints, and other muscles in your body.

Also, pulling weeds out of the ground could prove to be an ineffective weed control solution. Many times, when a person pulls a weed directly out of the ground, they accidentally break the weed off at the surface. This leaves the root intact under the soil. Some roots that are left in the ground may be able to grow new shoots and could continue to grow and take over your yard.

Let Us Take The Stress Out Of Weed Control

If you are looking for total weed control for your Queen Creek yard, give us a call today. At Ozone Pest Control, we take the hassle out of lawn care. Contact us for a free quote!

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