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bed bug crawling on skin

Why Are There Bed Bugs in My San Tan Valley Home?


Bed bugs are a particularly disgusting pest, because they come out at night in search of a blood meal. They bite people while they sleep, and leave behind rows of small, itchy marks. While bed bugs are often thought to be invisible to the human eye, they are actually the size of an apple seed. They are a reddish-brown insect with flat, oval-shaped bodies, but they will appear round if they’ve just eaten.... Read More

crab grass weeds in lawn

The Best Form Of Weed Control For Your San Tan Valley Property


Pulling weeds might be the most thankless chore that humans undertake. You can spend hours on your hands and knees, uprooting invasive plants, only to feel at the end of the day like their numbers have continued to grow. Rather than break your back, learn how you can prevent weeds from encroaching upon your yard in the first place -- and learn why turning to the experts can give you a leg up.... Read More

mice in cupboard

Here’s Why It Is So Hard To Keep Rodents Away From Your San Tan Valley Property


Some pests are so good at invading your property, you may not even be aware they’re there until the odors and damage they cause are apparent. Rodents like mice and rats are common pests for local property owners to have to deal with, even those who take preventative steps and catch the early warning signs. By learning just how formidable a rodent infestation can be you’ll understand why only professional control can provide you wit... Read More

termite crawling on wood table

Four Signs Of Termites To Watch For Around Your San Tan Valley Property


It’s human nature. When we don’t want to deal with something, we put it off for another day. If something stresses us out, we avoid it until it becomes unavoidable. The bills pile up until we absolutely have to pay them, and the laundry piles up until we absolutely have to fold it. (and some of us are still pulling clean clothes straight out of the hamper). Maybe we’re too busy, or we just don’t enjoy dealing with respo... Read More

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