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Florence, AZ Pest Control

Effective Pest Control In Florence, AZ

Located about 60 miles southeast of Phoenix, the town of Florence, AZ, is one of the oldest towns in the area. Considered a National Historic District, we have a lot of special properties that need protection. Many outside elements threaten Florence properties, one of them being pest activity. When pests get into your home or business, they cause large-scale damage and contamination, putting the entire property (and everyone inside) at risk. The best way to protect your Florence property from the detriments of a pest infestation is by contacting pest professionals.

Welcome to Ozone Pest Control, your local source for quality pest control services. We’re a family-owned and operated company with an ongoing commitment to providing comprehensive pest treatments and superb customer relations. Since 1997, we’ve been providing the best in residential and commercial pest solutions to properties throughout Pinal County and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to control what’s bugging you, and our customers are never disappointed. Contact us today to get started; we look forward to helping you solve all your pest problems.

Residential Pest Control In Florence, AZ

If you want to protect your home and your loved ones from the dangers of pest activity, it’s crucial to rely on the pest professionals. Ozone Pest Control offers reliable residential pest control services that cover homeowners from a long list of common area pests. Our treatments are available on a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on your needs and preferences.

From a thorough inspection to continual follow-ups, you can count on us every step of the way. Our team of certified pest technicians dedicates themselves to treating your property from the inside out. In addition to our general pest control solutions, we also offer specialty services, including bed bug heat treatments, installation of proper sealing, mosquito fogging treatments, pest bird exclusion, termite inspections, and treatments, and weed prevention and removal services. Whatever your pest control needs may be, we’ve got you covered. Call us today to discuss your residential pest control needs.

Commercial Pest Control In Florence, AZ

If pests infest your Florence business, your entire operation is compromised. Pests wreak havoc in a variety of ways, ranging from serious structural damage to complicated health risks. The bottom line is that pests put your reputation at risk, and nobody has time for that. That’s why professional pest protection is so important. Ozone Pest Control is proud to offer commercial pest control services that business owners can count on.

We service a variety of commercial facilities, including office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and many others. From a thorough inspection to a customized treatment plan, we’re here for you every step of the way.

Our treatments cover the full interior and exterior of your facility. We spray around the perimeter, the baseboards, and up and down any driveways. We then eliminate conducive conditions and treat potential problem areas to prevent pest activity in the future. Reach out to us today to set up your detailed inspection.

How To Minimize Your Exposure To Mosquitoes In Florence, AZ

Not only do mosquitoes leave us with itchy bites, but they also have the potential to spread a long list of diseases to their victims. As they feed on your blood, mosquitoes inject their saliva into your bloodstream, exposing you to a variety of vector-borne illnesses that can become quite serious if not treated promptly. In order to minimize your exposure to mosquitoes, there are several things you can do in and around your home.

Wear mosquito repellent with DEET when spending time outdoors. Try to wear long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks when possible, and treat your clothing with permethrin to repel mosquitoes. Be sure to install screens on doors and windows, and repair any existing screens that may be damaged or ripped. Eliminate sources of standing water around the property and correct drainage problems to keep water from building up in one area.

These prevention methods are all very helpful, but the most effective way to control mosquito activity is to call in the experts at Ozone Pest Control. We offer complete mosquito abatement and prevention services that property owners can count on all year long. Contact us today to get started.

What All Florence, AZ Property Owners Should Know About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are nocturnal pests that feed on human blood, as well as the blood of other warm-blooded animals like house pets and farm animals. Bed bugs feed on their hosts at night while we’re sleeping, so they can easily avoid detection for long periods. They often come into your home on luggage, packages, and other items that have been exposed to an infestation elsewhere outside of your home.

Once they get into your space, they begin laying eggs and spreading to multiple rooms throughout your structure. If you think you may be dealing with bed bugs, the best thing you can do is call on the experienced professionals at Ozone Pest Control. Our comprehensive bed bug inspections and treatments give you the comfort you need to sleep through the night.