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You take many precautions to protect your family from harm. You lock your doors, buckle your kids in when you get into the car, and take them to the doctor when they’re sick. Do you also protect them from pests? Many pests cause illnesses, expose you to parasites, and damage your home, making it an unsafe place to live. If your home is unprotected, contact Ozone Pest Control.


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Our Home Pest Control Process

a pest control service technician inspecting the interior of a home for pests


Our services include:

  • inside service on initial service, and as needed after that.

  • treating the baseboards throughout home.
  • treating under sinks.

  • treating inside garages.

  • the placement of glue monitors in garage.
  • exterior service 2 feet out and 2 feet up the outside of the home.

  • any block walls sprayed and dusted for scorpions.
  • the treatment of water valve boxes and sprinkler boxes.
  • the treatment of up and down sidewalks and driveways.
  • the dusting of exterior thresholds.
  • the dusting down of all spiderwebs


Your initial pest control treatment is designed to protect your home inside and out. We’ll begin outside by spraying the perimeter of your house, two feet up and two feet out. We’ll also treat block walls, your driveway, and entryways. To finish up outside, we’ll put out granular bait and get rid of cobwebs.

Inside, we’ll spray as needed, mainly along baseboards and under sinks. We’ll then place glue boards in the garage. Our initial treatment takes about 45 minutes to complete.


Depending on your needs, schedule, and budget, Ozone Pest Control offers several options for recurring pest protection. We also provide re-treatments in between scheduled service visits if pests should return, at no additional charge.


Ongoing Pest Control Services

a pest control service technician performing pest control treatments on the exterior of a home


a pest control service technician performing treatments on the exterior of a home


a pest control service technician spraying pesticides on the grass outside a home


the exterior of a home

Our Additional Service Options

In addition to our general home pest control plan, the team at Ozone Pest Control has developed several specialty pest control service options that focus on a specific pest problem in your home.

Our additional pest control services include the following:

  • Bed bug heat treatments

  • Mosquito fogging treatments

  • Pest bird exclusion

  • Termite inspections and treatments

  • Pre and Post- emergent weed service

Trust The Professionals At Ozone Pest Control

At Ozone Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing quality, effective pest control with personable customer service. We treat our customers like friends, delivering the service we would want to receive. Protection for your home and family starts with you contacting us top get started today.


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