Help! I Think I Have Bed Bugs In My Chandler Home

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Of all the pests that Chandler homeowners may face, bed bugs are among the most feared. Some pests move into a home for safety and security, while helping themselves to your food. Other pests are wood-destroying organisms and will seek to chew on your home for food or to build their nests.

Bed bugs are different. They are the most directly personal bugs that can come into your home. Bed bugs are not after your food, because you are their food. Bed bugs feed on blood and actually need it in order to breed. Because they like to feed on you, they tend to stay close to places you do. They especially love beds — hence their name — because they don’t have to go far to get at you. Bed bugs take up to 20 minutes to feed and thus prefer to feed on you as you sleep so that they don’t get disturbed. This is good for bed bugs but bad for you.

Don’t let bed bugs come into your home and feed on you. Ozone Pest Control understands the problems bed bugs bring into your home, and we want to be your Chandler pest control resource. Call us today, because we know how to get rid of bed bugs.

How Can I Be Sure That I Have Bed Bugs In My Home?

Given that bed bugs are serious business, here are some tips to help you better identify potential bed bug infestations:

  • Bites: If you wake up with bites on exposed skin that you didn’t go to bed with, chances are that you have bed bugs.
  • Blood stains: Bed bugs tend to leave blood spots behind when they feed. See blood spots on your sheets? Maybe you have bed bugs.
  • Dark stains: Bed bugs leave droppings in the form of dark stains. You can most often find these between your mattress and box springs.
  • Shells and eggs: Bed bugs tend to molt several times, and leave their shells behind. They also tend to lay eggs between your mattress and box springs.
  • The culprits themselves: If you see a bed bug, understand that there are probably more of them. Many more. Bed bugs start breeding the moment they get inside your house.

These tips can help you understand if you have bed bugs in your home. If you do, Ozone Pest Control wants to get in there and help you. We know how to kill bed bugs, and how to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

How Did Bed Bugs Get Into My Home?

Bed bugs are excellent travelers, unfortunately. They can come in on store purchases, in secondhand purchases, on pets, and they can even ride in on you. Bed bugs have several stages in their lifecycle, and are quite small in the earlier stages. They can come in with you without ever being seen. Once inside your home, they begin to breed, and what was one lone hitchhiker can become a whole family of blood-sucking intruders spread throughout your house.

Bed bugs can find many ways to get into your home, but there is one best way to get them back out. Call Ozone Pest Control today, and let us help you. We know how to treat bed bugs.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs?

DIY pest control techniques do not work well for bed bugs. In fact, there is a high failure rate with DIY products. Bed bugs do not respond well to bait traps. They also hide very well in houses. They can live not only in your bed but also behind light switches, wall plates, pictures, and molding. They can even live under carpets.

Instead of going it alone, leave bed bug control in Chandler to the professionals. Ozone Pest Control is the best company to call in your area, and we stand ready to help. Call us today.

How Can I Avoid Bed Bugs In The Future?

Once you get bed bugs out, the best thing you can do to minimize your chances of encountering another infestation is to routinely use professional pest control services to help you monitor your property. Catching bed bug infestations early allows for much easier treatments to get them back out.

Ozone Pest Control. We know how to beat bed bugs at their own game. Contact us today, and let us help you with all of your pest control needs, including bed bug infestations.

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