How To Tell If It’s Bed Bugs In Your Chandler Home

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Want to know how to tell if it’s bed bugs in your Chandler home? This type of knowledge is a great thing to have in an Arizona homeowner’s mental arsenal as just the mere mention of the words “bed bugs” can lead to scratching and itching. Our highly trained professionals at Ozone Pest Control understand the stigma that comes with bed bugs and will take measurable steps to handle this pest problem.

It’s Definitely A Bug, But Is It A Bed Bug?

Noting when there is a presence of bed bugs in the home is an important step towards ridding the property of an infestation. Part of the reason why it can be hard for the average homeowner to definitively tell if a bug is actually a bed bug is that they look similar to many other types of insects.

Bed bugs are small and brownish in color, which to certain people may resemble booklice, bat bugs, ticks, swallow bugs, fleas, carpet beetles, and lice. Of course, nobody wants these other insects in the home either, but identifying the enemy is the first step towards evicting it. Our agents at Ozone Pest Control know to distinguish bed bugs from other creepy crawlies positively.

Getting To Know Bed Bugs

Learning more about what bed bugs look like can help homeowners in their attempt to identify these types of insects.

  • Adults – Fully mature bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and have six legs. If they have not eaten recently, they are flat and medium brown in color; they exhibit an oval shape. If they have just enjoyed a filling meal, they have more of a reddish-brown hue and are more elongated than their hungry counterparts.
  • Nymphs – These young bed bugs are smaller than adults and may be cream-colored or translucent. Immature bed bugs can be extremely hard to spot due to their size and light coloring.
  • Eggs – Bed bug eggs are tiny; they may resemble a grain of rice but are smaller like the point of a pin. Eggs are white in color and may look like spilled sea salt. Pale white eggshells are very small and may be easier to find with a magnifying glass.

Telltale Bed Bug Signs

Checking for visual evidence can be a sure way to tell if it’s bed bugs in your Chandler home. Become a home detective to see if these pests have left clues behind.

  • Markings – Bed bugs leave rust-colored stains behind on furniture, mattresses, sheets, and curtains. Needlepoint-sized dark spots from bed bug feces are also signs these pests have invaded. Although called bed bugs, the name is misleading as these insects can be found throughout the home in cupboards, molding, electrical outlets, and more.
  • Life Cycle Fragments – An infestation may leave eggs, eggshells, and light yellow nymph skins behind. Noticing any or all of these bits and pieces of the bed bug life cycle denotes a problem.
  • Bodies – Human skin is a tasty snack for bed bugs, so be sure to check for bites, especially on hands, arms, and legs. Bed bug bites may resemble mosquito or chigger bites. These bites may also appear as rashes or even hives in some victims.

The Disappearing Bed Bug Act

Not sure how to tell if it’s bed bugs in your Chandler home? Call Ozone Pest Control. Have a positive bed bug sighting at home? Call Ozone Pest Control. Our specially trained bed bug control experts at Ozone Pest Control are uniquely qualified to identify and handle bed bug infestations effectively. We offer both residential pest control as well as commercial pest management services.

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