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If you’re an Arizona resident in the San Tan Valley or surrounding areas, scorpions are an unfortunate fact of life. However, they don’t have to be.

When it comes to pests in Arizona, no one knows them better than the professionals here at Ozone Pest Control. We’ve dedicated our lives to creating better, safer environments for home and business owners in the greater San Tan Valley area, which is why we’re proud to announce that we have partnered with AVERZION to create safer, longer-lasting, and more effective scorpion prevention than ever before possible.

How? Read on to learn more.

Why Scorpions Are A Concern For Arizona Homeowners

While it’s no secret that scorpion stings can be painful and pose serious health hazards, what may surprise you is that over 95% of scorpion stings happen indoors, and most of those stings come from the Arizona bark scorpion.

While Arizona bark scorpions are an essential part of the local ecosystem, they are a huge hazard once they invade human dwellings. They are the most venomous scorpion found in North America, carrying stings that are both incredibly painful and extremely hazardous, in rare cases life-threatening. Other symptoms of a bark scorpion sting include loss of breath, numbness, vomiting, and a host of other negative side effects. In other words, Arizona bark scorpions are a pest you never want to come into contact with.

Unfortunately, there is another factor that also sets this scorpion species apart from the rest: they are adept at climbing up vertical walls. This means that while most scorpions cannot find their way into homes even if they get into the yard, Arizona bark scorpions can scale your walls, and even the smallest hole or gap they find in your walls, siding, or roof line could create a point of entry. This is why they are so often found inside homes in comparison to other scorpion species, and the major factor accounting for so many scorpion stings occurring indoors.

No matter how well you seal your home, this factor makes it almost impossible to prevent them from getting inside your home and putting your family and pets at risk. While using pesticides, hunting them down outside, and sealing your home are all helpful steps to take, bark scorpions are notorious for finding ways around these methods and still finding a way inside.

Luckily, there is a solution: AVERZION scorpion repellent technology.

How Averzion Works

AVERZION is applied to the base of your home, creating a clean, smooth, glass-like coating that even bark scorpions can’t climb up. Because they cannot reach your windows or cracks in the walls, by sealing the base of your home with AVERZION, you have essentially sealed off the entire property.

AVERZION is a one-time application that acts as a physical barrier that keeps scorpions out of homes. In tests, homes treated with AVERZION have shown to be 100% effective at keeping scorpions out.

But it gets even better: in addition to its primary function in preventing scorpions, AVERZION treatment will also complement your existing pest control efforts. It can keep other bugs from climbing your walls, and also ensures that any scorpions on your property spend less time on your home and more time in any pest control that’s been applied to your yard, making them more likely to be killed off over time.

AVERZION is a revolution in scorpion management – and now you can get it

Don’t let scorpions threaten your family and pets. If you’re a homeowner in San Tan Valley or the surrounding areas at risk for scorpion infestation, contact the experts here at Ozone Pest Control immediately for effective, long-lasting protection against harmful pests with AVERZION!

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