Now Is A Great Time For Termite Protection For Your San Tan Valley Home

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San Tan Valley residents have busy lives, as a result a lot of things end up getting put off. Receiving regular pest control is one of the items that often gets put on the back-burner. To many, prevention and extermination work isn’t necessary unless bugs or creatures are circling the property. However, this isn’t the best stance to have, because many species can make a quick impact. Some bring in harmful germs and bacteria, while others wreck buildings and belongings. Several are capable of both.

Termites are the kind of pest that can ruin your home or business. They chew and tunnel through wood at a rapid rate. They reproduce just as fast. Moreover, they often go sight unseen because they do all of this from inside the walls. Each year, Americans fork over a total of five billion dollars to keep termites at bay or recover from their devastation. To avoid being part of this expenditure, you can’t procrastinate on termite care. Learn what you can do to protect what’s yours, and how Ozone Pest Control can help.

How Do You Spot Termites?

To catch termites right away, you have to know what you’re looking for. There are three different types of termites in a colony, and they each have specific features.

  1. Workers: These do most of the heavy lifting. They’re white or grayish-white in color and are ? of an inch long.
  2. Soldiers: As their title implies, they guard the colony. Size-wise, they’re a tad bigger than workers. Color-wise, they’re yellow-brown. They have defined jaws and rectangular-shaped heads.
  3. Swarmers: Swarmers mate, reproduce, and build nests. They don’t perform these tasks unless it’s springtime or their nests are full. That being said, seeing swarmers is often the most common sign of infestation. They’re ½ of an inch long, and have wings that go past their bodies. They can be brown, black, or yellow. When they launch, they’ll exit from cracks in walls. Light attracts them, so they’ll fly by lamps and windows.

Other major infestation indicators are:

  • Yellowed or sinking drywall
  • Needle-point wall holes
  • Collapsing, weak or loose floor tiles and boards
  • Chipping and bloated paint
  • Hollow sounding wood
  • Walls that have mud tubes and maze patterns in them

What Can You Do To Prevent Termites?

Believe it or not, there are ways to prevent termites that don’t involve living without wood:

  • Refurbish or dispose of rotten wood, particularly if it’s water damaged.
  • Fix leaks and plumbing issues, especially those moistening wood.
  • Keep excess wood away from the soil, and distance from your building.
  • Any openings in foundations, walls, and utility lines should be sealed.
  • Your lawn and greenery should be well kept. Have plants and flowers a couple of feet from your door.
  • Keep your gutters and vents clean.

How Can Ozone Pest Control Do Away With Termites?

You may be entertaining the thought of tackling termites on your own, but don’t follow through with that idea. It is too likely to fail. The insecticides you’ll find in a store only treat the surface. Sometimes, termites will be resistant to it. Further, the instructions can be hard to understand, and it is easy to make mistakes in application.   The termite products we have in our arsenal at Ozone Pest Control are made by the industry leaders, Termidor®. They’re sure to get these bugs gone and keep them gone.   To bolster the effectiveness of all our Ozone Pest Control treatments, we thoroughly apply them. We check and tend to the entire property, both interior and exterior. This includes garages, attics, and driveways. We don’t shortchange our customers. Call to request a no-obligation inspection today!

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