San Tan Valley’s Ultimate Guide To Bed Bug Prevention

Bed Bugs Arizona

In the pantheon of common pests, bed bugs are some of the easiest to pick up and the hardest to get rid of. These hitchhiking parasites are incredibly good at spreading to residential properties and unless you know how to avoid tracking them inside, bed bugs can become permanent freeloaders on your property in San Tan Valley.

Bed Bugs Are Everyone’s Problem

There’s a misconception that bed bugs are only a problem in dirty or unkempt homes. The truth is that bed bugs will infest a wide range of properties, from commercial businesses to living spaces. They also don’t only infest beds or the rooms where we store them. In fact, bed bugs can cling to or nest inside of just about any kind of material, waiting until night time when people and pets are asleep and vulnerable to their feedings. While it’s true that they can often be found inside of mattresses and box springs, bed bugs can also infest other furniture like couches and chairs, even the clothing inside of closets and the curtains in front of your windows. While bed bugs often nest near enough to feeding areas that they can avoid having to crawl far, bed bugs are surprisingly mobile for such lazy bugs. Instead of transporting themselves everywhere, they hitch rides on unsuspecting people and animals. Most bed bug populations are introduced to homes after traveling in hotspot areas, where bed bugs can contaminate articles of clothing or accessible containers. They then hitch rides back to our vehicles, homes, and places of employment. It’s this kind of easy transmission that makes bed bugs everyone’s problem.

Bed Bug Hotpots To Avoid

Bed bugs are such common pests because they congregate in places where people gather and can pick them up. It’s from these hotspots that bed bugs often find their way inside of people’s property:

  • Hotels: Buildings with dozens or even hundreds of mattresses to infest? Sounds like a bed bug’s paradise. Hotels and motels, even well-appointed bed and breakfasts or resorts, can all be a hotspot for bed bugs.
  • Medical Facilities: Hospitals and doctor’s offices not only have lots of furniture for bed bugs to infest, they are places where people often drive directly to their homes from. This makes them a common introductory point for bed bugs to hitch rides back to our domiciles.
  • Transportation Hubs: Another place where people gather and then disperse to their everyday properties, hubs like airports and bus stations are often riddled with bed bugs.
  • Second-Hand Stores: Another common way people pick up bed bugs is by buying already contaminated items. Used furniture and clothing might carry bugs or eggs, so it’s important to check thoroughly before bringing them inside.

Find Peaceful Sleep With Professional Pest Control

With such invasive and disgusting pests, you’re better off hiring professional help than trying to keep bed bugs out on your own. As is hopefully clear by now, bed bugs are incredibly easy to bring into your home without you even realizing it. Once introduced, bed bug populations can grow completely out of control. Normal elimination methods aren’t guaranteed to work and those that might kill off immediate populations will do nothing to address the bed bug eggs that are likely hidden around your property already. Whether you need proven prevention or timely and safe elimination, Ozone Pest Control is your one-stop resource for ultimate bed bug control. Our friendly technicians can get started right away on an inspection of your property, helping you know whether parasites are already a problem or could easily become one. From there, we work with your time and budget to implement effective solutions that remove pests and prevent future invasions.

To get started on superior bed bug protection, contact Ozone Pest Control right away.

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