The Best Mosquito Protection For Your Chandler Property

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Searching for the best mosquito protection for your Chandler property?  Look no further than Ozone Pest Control, where we have the experience to keep these pesky biters away.

Understanding Mosquitoes In Chandler

Anyone fortunate enough not to know what a mosquito looks like up close, take note. These winged pests are fairly small and exhibit typical insect features like antennae and six legs. Colors vary greatly but may include shades and or combinations of gray, white, green, blue, and silver; some mosquitoes may have a sheen or translucence about them. Enjoying summertime outdoors is virtually impossible without running into a few of these flying insects during the season. These bugs can be heard buzzing about and can be seen landing on exposed skin right before they take a bite.

These annoying bugs aren’t just a nuisance. Mosquitoes bring danger too.  Infected mosquitoes pass diseases such as the Zika virus, Japanese encephalitis, West Nile virus, Chikungunya virus, malaria, and dengue to those they bite. The worst-case scenario of contracting a threatening condition from a mosquito bite could possibly lead to death.

Keeping Mosquitoes At Bay

Found throughout the country, mosquitoes can even inhabit desert regions like the greater Phoenix area. The best mosquito protection for your Chandler property can begin by properly dealing with onsite water sources.

  • Dump The Water – Mosquitoes reproduce at an alarmingly fast rate and like to lay their eggs in standing water. Even tiny pools of water from rainstorms or sprinklers collected in flowerpot bases can be enough. Dump any standing water promptly, even water that may be stuck in gutters.
  • Treat The Water – There is another option if there are sources of standing water that homeowners want to keep, like that collected in rain barrels. Larvicide pellets or tablets are available at many hardware stores, and homeowners can simply drop them into the water. This option helps control the mosquito population, but it may also be harmful to other wildlife.
  • Repair Water Sources – There may be a few areas where mosquitoes find tiny droplets of water leaking from a source onsite. Continually inspect sprinkler heads and spigots to make sure there are no leaks. Repair any discovered leaks promptly.

Mosquito Bite Prevention Tips

Even when the home is clear of mosquitoes, homeowners must still be vigilant about protecting themselves when getting out and about around the neighborhood and beyond.

  • Avoid Certain Times When Planning To Go Outside – Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk. However, these are lovely times in the desert, mosquitoes like these periods too. If wanting to spend time outside, plan to go at times where mosquitoes are not as lively.
  • Dress Accordingly – Wearing long sleeves, long pants, and socks can create a cloth barrier between victims and mosquitoes. Since mosquitoes are drawn to heat, it is best to wear light-colored clothing as dark colors retain more heat than light colors.
  • Use A Fan – Planning to attend a neighborhood barbecue at dusk? Bring a fan or two. Mosquitoes are not known for their flying skills, so using fans can keep these pests from ruining a fun evening.
  • Employ Additional Aids – Various repellants work well against mosquitoes. Look for those that contain DEET for skin application and permethrin for clothing application. Hats with netting can also deter mosquitoes.

Solving Home Mosquito Issues

Asking what the best mosquito protection for your Chandler property is will ultimately lead to one answer. The right way to keep mosquitoes off your Arizona property is to call the professionals and let us do what we do best. Contacting Ozone Pest Control can give homeowners back their outdoor spaces.

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