Why You Should Call For Help About Bed Bugs In Your San Tan Valley Home

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Sometimes, doing it yourself just makes sense. Whether it’s simple as cooking a good meal or changing the oil in your car, it feels satisfying knowing that you’ve accomplished something and saved a few bucks in the process. But some things are better left to the professionals. So, if you need help with bed bugs in San Tan Valley, you should always call the experts. Here’s why.

Why DIY Bed Bug Control Is A Bad Idea

Bed bugs are oval-shaped parasitic insects that generally measure between 3/16 to 1/4 inch in length. They feed on our blood while we sleep and hide out not just around mattresses and sheets in the bedroom, but in furniture, appliances, and even curtains in every room of the house. They breed rapidly, and infestations can grow to enormous proportions.

All of these factors make bed bugs nearly impossible to eliminate on your own. While DIY bed bug control might seem appealing, it’s not a good idea. When you’ve got a bed bug infestation, you might want to save some money because you think DIY methods are cheaper, or maybe you choose DIY because you don’t want exterminators coming in your house. But despite the perceived advantages, DIY bed bug control can actually be more expensive than professional treatment, as well as ineffective.

Is DIY Bed Bug Control A Waste Of Money?

There’s a big market for DIY bed bug treatments and many products available for you to choose from. Unfortunately, most of these products need a tedious amount of preparation work and repeat treatments to be effective. And although the products may not seem especially pricey, the hours of labor you spend applying them will certainly cost you valuable time.

Standard store-bought bed bug treatments can cost up to $300 — that includes mattress and furniture covers, vapor strips, and a range of chemicals and applicators. All furniture and mattresses must be completely sealed up before treatment can begin, which can take hours depending on the size of your home. Harsh chemicals must be thoroughly applied to affected areas and then reapplied weekly until the infestation is gone.

Store-bought bed bug heaters might seem more appealing, but these machines have their downsides, too. A quality bed bug heater is quite expensive, up to $1000 in price. While these heaters can kill bed bugs without the use of chemicals, they can cause fires if not used carefully.

Regardless of which DIY method you may choose, it’s a waste of money. Without professional expertise to target every single bed bug, the problem will continue and you’ll keep spending time and money on DIY bed bug control. If even one bed bug survives your pest control efforts, the infestation will persist.

Bed Bug Control From Ozone Pest Control

The good news is the professionals at Ozone Pest Control have over 30 years of experience in dealing with bed bugs and other various pests in San Tan Valley and are ready to help solve your problems. When you choose our bed bug control services, we’ll come to your home for a free inspection to identify all the areas where bed bugs hide. We even offer canine inspections upon request if you don’t mind a talented dog visiting your home.

We use powerful, professional-grade heat treatments to get rid of your bed bugs without the use of harmful chemicals. You can trust that our experts will only harm the bugs and not your property. We use only the most thorough pre-treatment and prep sheet methods to ensure that your home is safe. We also offer single-room treatments for smaller infestations.

If you’re suffering from bed bugs in San Tan Valley, don’t lose another night’s sleep. Get in touch with us today.

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