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Most people believe pigeons are harmless, but having a pigeon roost on or around your property can be a health hazard that many don’t even realize. Arizona residents are well aware of the significant nuisance pigeons can be, though. Recent anti-pigeon feeding laws are loud and clear. We don’t want pigeons on our property, but what can be done to deter them?

Pigeons In Chandler

Pigeons are pretty easy to recognize for the most part, but they are sometimes confused with doves and other birds. Pigeons are often joked about as being dumb animals, but their unique intelligence makes them more of a pest than other birds.

Not only is there research indicating they have human facial recognition abilities like crows, but they have also shown problem-solving skills. They have been used for military and communications for centuries. The point is, pigeons should not be underestimated.


  • Most are gray with a whitish rump. They have two black bars on the wings, one on the tail, and reddish feet. They often have green or purple iridescent coloring on their necks.
  • They can grow up to about 13 inches in length.
  • Pigeons often nest in warehouses, feed mills, and grain elevators but will choose covered areas around buildings as well.
  • Their droppings can cause pedestrians to slip and fall.
  • Feces also age and destroy buildings.
  • Pigeons carry diseases such as cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis, and salmonella. Their droppings may cause fungus growth that causes histoplasmosis.
  • They are also carriers for other disease vectors like fleas and ticks.

Pigeons are filthy animals whose presence is a danger to your health and the integrity of your homes and businesses. Preventing them, however, may not be as simple as keeping things tidy.

How To Prevent Pigeons From Roosting On Your Home

Making your home inhospitable to pigeons may require a few structural upgrades or changes, but hopefully, the tradeoff is worth it. Try these tips to keep them from becoming loyal to your property and putting your health at risk:

  • Slope favorite resting areas to make them difficult to lounge on.
  • Fill in void areas like spacing under porches and roofs with things like bird netting or screening material. Clean and disinfect previous nesting areas before closing them off.
  • Purchase control devices that shock pigeons or deter their landing in other ways to persuade them to land elsewhere.
  • Repair leaking water and get rid of other easy water access.
  • Make sure your property is clean of trash or crumbs. Human food is pigeon food, so keep things clean and sanitized.
  • Keep rubbish bins sealed, sanitized, and away from your home.

Despite every effort, sometimes pigeons are extremely stubborn and will build nests in sloped, spiked, inhospitable areas. Pests with this kind of dedication sometimes require professional help.

Call The Pest Bird Experts At Ozone Pest Control

Pigeon problems can vary in severity, as can their loyalty to your home as their home. These factors can make getting rid of your pigeon problem difficult to manage on your own. As Chandler residents and members of this community, Ozone Pest Control is committed to keeping our neighbors safe, healthy, and happy in their homes.

Our bird exclusion services are just one of many that are guaranteed to keep you happy and healthy. If pests return between scheduled visits, so do we, at no additional charge. Trust Ozone Pest Control to keep you, your property, and your sanity safe. Call today for our pest control in Chandler. We offer both residential pest control and commercial pest management solutions.

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