Here’s Why It Is So Hard To Keep Rodents Away From Your San Tan Valley Property

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Some pests are so good at invading your property, you may not even be aware they’re there until the odors and damage they cause are apparent. Rodents like mice and rats are common pests for local property owners to have to deal with, even those who take preventative steps and catch the early warning signs. By learning just how formidable a rodent infestation can be you’ll understand why only professional control can provide you with guaranteed results.

The Most Common Rodents Out There

The two most common rodents to invade homes and businesses are mice and rats. These small mammals are extremely territorial, meaning a property is almost never infested with both mice and rats at the same time. That’s why it’s important to be able to spot the differences between them:

  • Size: Rats are the larger of the two, frequently growing two or three times the size of a mouse. Some roof rats are known to grow up to a foot in total length.
  • Shape: Both mice and rats have long, seemingly hairless tails that trail behind them. Mice, despite their more compact shape, have longer tails, compared to the length of their bodies.
  • Ears: The biggest difference between the look and shape of these rodents is in their ears. Mice have huge, circular ears that rest right atop their heads. Rats have ears with pinched ends that sit further back on their skulls.

The Dangers Of A Rodent Infestation

Despite their differences, mice and rats both pose similar risks to your health and property. Here are the biggest problems with a rodent infestation on your property:

  • Disease: Rats and mice are known to carry dangerous diseases like rabies and plague. They can also carry ticks and fleas, which pose their own health risks.
  • Damage: Rodents not only burrow inside of walls and vents, damaging building materials and wires, they also will chew and scratch on any hard surfaces they can find.
  • Odor: As their feces, urine and breeding starts to become common, it quickly results in foul, musty odors that can spread throughout your property.

Rodents Aren’t Easy To Remove

The trouble they cause, though serious, might not be so bad overall if rodents weren’t so difficult to fully get rid of. Not only do they hunker down in tough-to-reach areas of a property, but rodents also breed incredibly quickly and are known as some of the fastest-reproducing mammals on the planet. That’s why a small rodent invasion can quickly grow into an outright infestation. It’s also why many at-home or store-bought solutions often don’t succeed at completely eliminating the problem. A few traps around your property might catch the wayward mouse or rat, but it will do nothing to root out the rodent pups that are being reared to take their place. The methods that can root out and eliminate rodent populations, like chemicals and sprays, are often dangerous if administered incorrectly. All of these reasons are why it’s better to trust a professional to address a rodent problem rather than try to take one on by yourself.

Total Control From Ozone

Whether you already suspect a rodent infestation or if you just want peace of mind that your level of risk has been evaluated, the best course of action for rodent control is to turn to local experts. At Ozone Pest Control, our trained staff can get started right away with an inspection of your property. If rodents or their signs are spotted, we’ll quickly eliminate the problem and take steps to protect your property in San Tan Valley from ever being invaded again. That kind of assurance is better than constantly second-guessing or relying on ineffective measures.    Don’t wait for a rodent problem to grow out of control before you decide to protect your property, contact Ozone Pest Control to get started today.

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