What To Do If You Spot Signs Of Termites On Your Chandler Property

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Chandler, Arizona is a unique city designed by the founder A.J. Chandler. His vision of a charming and quaint town has come to life with delightful, old-world style walkways spread out like fingers from downtown’s historic square. Almost everything you need is accessible within a short walking distance. One pest in the Chandler area that loves an easily accessible property is the termite. Without pest control in Chandler, this voracious little eater might start filling its belly with cellulose (wood) from your property.

You’re Likely Never To See A Termite

Termites in Chandler are troublesome pests you never see coming. They stealthily invade your property and silently degrade your wood, leaving virtually no signs of their presence until damages become significant. In the Chandler area, subterranean termites pose substantial problems to properties. These termites are about 1/8 inch long, creamy white, or sometimes black/dark brown. Their chewing process happens quietly and methodically. With this stealthy attack, termites go about their everyday lives unabated, leaving property owners with a costly problem over time. A property owner’s eyes are their best defense against termites. By staying alert and visually checking their property regularly, owners can spot signs of termite damage early and help reduce exposure to it.

Signs Of Termite Damage To Look For Around The House

While termites in Chandler may silently invade and quietly rob you of your wood, they’re not entirely undetectable. With careful observation, property owners can successfully identify signs of a termite infestation. Property owners should visually check floors; if they seem to be sagging, you may have a termite problem. Crumbly wood (when poked), dark areas on wood, or wood that looks blistered typically points to termites.

Walls that sound hollow when tapped or wallpaper and paint that appears sunken or bubbled are often indicators of termite activity. Property owners should check around doors and windows for discarded wings, and, if you think you see “sawdust” underneath wood fixtures, that can be a red flag suggesting termites as well. Outdoor inspections often reveal mud tubes snaking up the exterior of a building; this is often how termites travel and access buildings. If property owners begin to see signs of termites, it is essential to have a professional pest expert like Ozone Pest Control come to their property as soon as possible. Termites are notoriously tricky to remove; therefore, help from a Chandler residential pest control professional is a must.

How To Identify And Remove Factors That Attract Termites

Certain conditions in and around properties can act as a siren call for termites searching for moisture and food sources. Owners can place a barrier between their structures and active termites by identifying and correcting deficiencies in and around their property.

Six fixes that help eliminate termite attractions include:

  1. Reducing humidity in high-moisture areas with a de-humidifier and keeping crawl spaces ventilated
  2. Using caulking to fill in cracks and crevices in siding and foundations
  3. Fixing leaky pipes
  4. Ensuring water run-off gets diverted from foundations
  5. Ensuring no wood products get buried underground
  6. Keeping a one-inch gap between wood products and structures

A desperate and determined termite is hard to stop. Even with the best termite protection measures, these laser-focused pests may still find a way into your buildings. Property owners should reach out to a seasoned professional like Ozone Pest Control for termite treatments as soon as they become aware of a termite infestation.

Contact The Pros At The First Sign Of Termites In Your House

At Ozone Pest Control, “We Control What’s Bugging You.” We believe our services will impress you beyond your greatest expectation-every time. Established in 1997, our family-owned and operated company provides expert termite and pest control solutions to our valued customers. Have you started noticing signs of a termite problem? Contact Ozone Pest Control today for a free inspection and estimate and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Chandler.

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